Michael with a Construction Company

We recently started a large geothermal project with Arronco Comfort Air. The project as you well know was for the Asbury Theological Seminary Family Housing (North Campus) which consists of 100 geothermal systems. We decided to partner with Arronco Comfort Air for a number of reasons, like their ability to handle a project of our size and their vast experience with geothermal. Another compelling reason was that Arronco was in control of the whole H.V.A.C. portion of the project; they drilled the loops, installed the material and equipment. We have been happy to say that not only have they met our expectations but they have been a valuable asset to help the rest of our subcontractors. As we look forward to the Phase II of our project I am certain that Arronco Comfort Air will be leading this project as well.
P.S. Congratulations on your work at Governor Beshear's personal home